Executive Director of the John Wayne Birthplace & Museum: "A Virtual Bible" of John Wayne Quotes

Brian Downes, executive director of the John Wayne Birthplace & Museum in Winterset, Iowa, has been very supportive of John Wayne Speaks, and never more so than when he contributed the following accolade. Thank you, Brian, and all best of luck to the (expanding!) John Wayne Birthplace & Museum.

"You won't find "Life is tougher if you're stupid" in Mark Orwoll's JOHN WAYNE SPEAKS, because the legendary film star never said any such thing. Instead, Orwoll has meticulously sourced more than 1,000 authentic quotes from Wayne's 50-year film career. Some are familiar, but many more are gems which, until now, were nearly forgotten. A virtual Bible of the actor's most memorable movie lines, the book is a thorough delight, and covers Wayne's code for living, his love of nature, his appreciation of the ladies, how to deal with life's challenges, and the beneficial qualities of a good stiff drink. It's no wonder John Wayne endures as the most beloved movie star of all time."

--Brian Downes, executive director, John Wayne Birthplace & Museum

'John Wayne Speaks: The Ultimate John Wayne Quote Book' by Mark Orwoll will be published by St. Martin's Griffin on Tuesday, November 9, 2021. Buy your copy from your local independent bookseller or visit the publisher's website for more purchasing options.

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